Monday, 26 October 2009


My nephew Stuart started Comprehensive school back in September and has just had his first school report and parents evening. He is doing really well both at school and with his homework - we are always proud of him but I wanted to send him a card to say so.

So here it is. I cut out the star using the Cricut (including the shadow button), then did the same size star in the mirri card without the shadow button on which makes it slightly smaller. I cut out the word and the circles on the cricut too - what did I do before cricut!

Had a lovely time at Jo's open afternoon - boy had she done some beautiful work and the good news is she is going to be doing classes ! Sue had made the most wonderful homemade cake - YUMMY.
Can't believe it's Monday again !


  1. Really good card, love that idea. My baby bug can't do a lot of the fancy things that yours can do.

  2. It's a great card and I'm so glad you're getting the most out of your Cricut. Stuart will be very pleased to receive the card - let's hope he continues to do so well and enjoys his time at school.