Thursday, 1 October 2009

Today's Card

Ted the hamster kept me awake for quite a while last night, gnawing the bars of his cage - he is going mad with boredom and I am sure if he doesn't get his wheel in his cage before many more days he will go cuckoo ! I have to wait until his tail is completely healed before he can have his toys back which hopefully won't be too long. He is right crabby too ! (can you blame him).

Today's card is a SU image which I have stamped in chocolate chip (would have done it in stazon but couldn't be bothered with all the cleaning afterwards), I then glued some half pearls on where the middle of the flowers would be. The ribbon is SU and an off cut. The patterned paper came out of the same pad as the cerise papers that I found in the pile for Ebay from Lou. I am really in to black and cream and black and white at the moment.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

K x

1 comment:

  1. This design is perfect - I love it's simplicity, I prefer these kinds of cards but find them a lot harder to make than 'decorative' ones - good job!
    Love Steph xxx