Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Welcome Home Jen

I whipped this card up the other day for my friend Jenny who is back from Cyprus, not sure if she will have got it yet due to the Post Strike. I got one of my young nephews to colour in the stamp picture (neighbourhood by Stampin up). The ribbon is also SU. Delicious green patterned paper is from the lovely bundle I won on Stephs Stamping and Sharing - thanks Steph *hug*

My Phillip is not well today, he is at home in bed, with the dog for company - he has an inner ear infection which has triggered vertigo so everything is swimming ! I am here holding the fort. It's weird being here without them both. A customer has just come in and I was waiting for the dog to start barking like he does... no dog.. It is giving me a little taste of how awful it's going to be when the dog has gone to doggy heaven (hopefully not for many, many years yet). I don't like it :(

Have a great day everyone

K x


  1. This is such a sweet card. Your nephew did a wonderful job coloring.


  2. Lovely card Karen. That's another stamp on my SU list!!

  3. Hope Phillips ear infection soon clears up - he does seem to be having a bad run of ill health at the moment. Sending him a big hug.

    It's a beautiful card Karen and Jenny will love it.

    Haven't figured out a way of doing circles with the piercing grid - but I know of something that does but isn't SU!

  4. Blimey Karen, Phillip must be really ill to stay at home when he's poorly...it's unheard of! Give him a hug and a kiss from me but no tongues ok?!?! lol