Monday, 7 December 2009

For Jenny

This is a card I made for Jenny - just because she is the most amazing woman I know. It's a long story but she took her business back earlier this year after the people went back on paying her for it, they had had it for nearly a year and run it into the ground. She picked it up and worked long, long days and got it back on her feet again. I just wanted to congratulate her on her hard work and success.

I also presented Jenny with a present that I had made for her - which bought tears to both our eyes. I can't show it yet as it's being show cased over at Just Buggin in the next few weeks. Jenny had bought me the most gorgeous purple orchid, I couldn't have been more delighted as I have always wanted one and would have chosen that colour. There was no particular reason for us both taking gifts for each other, other than both of us wanting to show our appreciation of our friendship. Jenny is the most kind, generous and loyal friend who is always thinking of others and putting herself last.

We had a smashing meal at the Stocks, the only down side was that the evening went far too fast!

I had a busy, busy crafting weekend. I made 13 Christmas cards, might give you a peek of them later in the week, two layouts for Just Buggin Challenges coming up, 2 birthday cards, one for the lovely Jen and one for my Nan and gift wrapped some small gifts for my Nan and did cricut gift tags.

I am out on the Orient Express on Wednesday - I am taking my Nan for a lunch trip from Bristol so it will be quiet on my blog. My family and I are treating her as it's her 88th birthday on the same day. I hope she enjoys it !

Have a great day all

K x


  1. Goodness you certainly had a busy weekend! Hope you enjoy your day out with your Nan

  2. It's a beautiful card and well done to Jenny for getting the business back on it's feet.

    Have a great time on the OE - I remember our trip like it was yesterday, what a wonderful time that was.