Thursday, 3 December 2009

Setting myself two new rules

This morning I don't have anything to show you, not because I didn't do anything, but I was working on a top secret project for Just Buggin which will be showcased in a little while.

I spent an hour last night sorting out my bits of card and paper. I have sorted them all out and decided that in future I will get that bag of card and paper out before I get any new card out to use it up ! ! It's crazy the amount of off cuts I have and although I try and make a leftover card most times that I craft it's not eating into it enough.

I have also slapped a 3 month no purchase rule on myself - I have been spending a bit too much recently with new cricut stuff and purchasing off e bay and SU - I need to use some of my things up before purchasing anymore ! ! It's easy to just keep buying and it just piles up and your purse gets emptier !

Have a good day everyone

K x

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the resolve - it's so easy to buy new when there is already so much to use (hark at me who should be doing exactly the same as you.)