Thursday, 21 January 2010

From my pen pal Patrick

My good friend Janet Bagnall over in South Carolina, has the most gorgeous little boy called Patrick. From time to time I send him a little bit of English Chocolate, usually Cadbury (can you believe Cadbury will be USA owned ! ! ! I hope they don't change the chocolate). Well imagine my delight and surprise today to find a little parcel sent from Patrick on my desk this morning.

Chocolate with the Palmetto tree on.

Patrick very kindly sent me a card of the South Carolina flag and the Palmetto Tree. Patrick told me in his letter that this tree grows abundantly in South Carolina and is the State's tree. In 1776 South Carolina declared it's independence from England. On June 28th a palmetto log fort gave protection to General William Moultrie who gained victory over the British Fleet trying to capture Charlestown. The tree was then adopted as part of the State Flag.

The State Flag

I really love hearing about where other people live and my little friend has given me an insight into South Carolina.

Thank you Patrick, I hope your Mum lets you look at my blog and see my post just for you.

Love your pen pal from the UK Karen x

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  1. Oh Karen, this is so sweet. Patrick was so excited when he saw this and says "I'm famous" - he really loved sending this to you so don't be surprised if you get more parcels from time to time. Thank you Karen.



    PS - this is Patrick: Thank you Ms. Karen for saying this on your blog - I was happy to see it and read about you talking about what I wrote you. Have fun with Barney (he is the cutest dog). Thank you.