Monday, 25 January 2010

A new Baby and a funny story

Hi Ladies

One of my employees Ben and his girlfriend had their baby this weekend, a little boy they have called Max Joseph, 5lb 13 1/2 oz, 3 weeks early but all going well. You know what I will be doing over the next couple of days don't you - a lovely hand made card.

Secondly a little story which might tickle you.

Linda, Jill and I are following a scrapbook page a week, this week you have to use chipboard in your project. Now bearing in mind I own a joinery shop (wood work) the chipboard we use here couldn't possibly be used on a project. So, rather than ask Linda and Jill and look a right igit I asked my good buddy Jo. Jo, says I, do you have a piece of chipboard you could sell me for a scrapbook page. Sure, says Jo, pop in on your way home. I duly did on Friday, Jo hands me this piece of A5 cardboard ! ! ! (I look at it dumb founded and said is this chipboard). Jo nods and says yes, this is chipboard, I said it's cardboard, she said yes, it's chipboard, some call it card some call it chipboard.

So I took said chipboard (cardboard) and went home. All the way home I am thinking, why did I take this from Jo, I have tonnes of this stuff at work (back of note pads, packing etc). So phoned Jo up to that effect and said to her did she want it back as I had loads and I was not sure why I had taken it at the time. She just laughed...

So the summary of the story - for chipboard - think cardboard !

k x

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  1. Know what you mean!! For a long time I couldn't equate chipboard with cardboard (but didn't like to say anything!!)