Monday, 8 February 2010

Birthday cards from the Girls

Hi Everyone

I had a fantastic birthday and thank you so much for all your good wishes and beautiful cards. I am going to show them in two postings as there are a few of them. I had such a wonderful day, my hubby spoilt me with presents and took me to the most beautiful stretch of coastline with our little hound and we had a fantastic picnic and lovely time - the sun was out and the sky was so blue - will post a picture or two up.
My Mum got me a beautiful bird feeder pole and four feeders, it looks so great in the garden and it's really posh. My Mum in Law gave me Hobbycraft vouchers (yeh) and Nan money for crafting stuff. I had a new radio for the office, new Ipod ears, chocolate and more chocolate and a TOC bead bracelet from Phillip and crafting stuff that I had chosen - didn't I do well.
So in no particular order..

Lou Lou's card.

Jobe's card -
Aren't they all gorgeous
K x


  1. I think that you did very well indeed! You were so lucky with the weather. It might have been a cold for a picnic but just to be outside was great! Jill x

  2. Yes, Karen, you racked in some good stuff there and I'm so happy for you. The cards you received a wonderful and so very thoughtful.