Monday, 22 February 2010

My completed cushion

I am just starting out doing machine patchwork and sewing. I have been doing lots of reading over the last couple of weeks as well as blog hopping and U tube watching. This is my first patchwork cushion, it's not perfect by any manner or means but it has a concealed zip and I am quite pleased with the result. I have learnt a lot so I am hopeful of better ones in the future.

Once I got some sandpaper feet on my ruler that helped no end with the cutting using the rotary cutter as it was slipping everywhere. Top tip - if it tells you to press it, press it and always wash your material as you buy it, press it and then there is never any doubt that you have already gone through the shrinking process. I spent a lot of time ironing and pressing seams etc and I think it paid off.

Not too keen on putting zips in but I think for next time I will be better.

Happy Monday all

K x


  1. Ooh well the cushion looks perfect to me. Love the colours. Haven't done patchwork for years! Jill x

  2. It's brilliant Karen - well done on such a good job.

  3. Oh, Karen that is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and the patchwork is perfect. WONDERFUL job and I can't wait to see what you do next !!!