Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cafe Pinny gift

For those of you who reguarly follow my blog you will know I have taken up sewing as an extra hobby ( I know as if I haven't got enough hobbies)
This is my cafe pinny, shown a bit squiffy as I haven't got it on quite right. I am really pleased with my efforts. I am giving it away for a secret santa this weekend at card group ! The material is Tilda which is a lovely material to work with. It was a level 2 in the book I am following so I don't think I did so bad.
Handy hint: measure properly, cut properly, press when it says !


  1. And a flippin fantastic pinny it is too! (I've seen it irl.)

    Nice modelling Karen :)

    J x

  2. Nice pinny Karen x

    Lou x