Thursday, 1 April 2010

cafe pinny for Jo

Cafe pinny modelled by my kitchen table......

Jobe saw my other cafe pinny that I made a while ago and really admired it, so I made her one. The materials are the opposite way round to the first one I made - I had check pockets before. It was quite difficult working with the checks as they did not appear to be that square (mental note to stay away from checks).

Last day today I won't be back LIVE in front of my computer until the 12th but hope to put some postings up whilst I am away.

Have a lovely Easter everyone

Hugs K x


  1. It's beautiful Karen and I am sure Jo will love it. Have a great Easter break x

  2. Good morning Karin, have a lovely time hunny. I am loving all your latest makes since my last visit. You've been so busy. Im sorry ive not been by for a while, i dont know where the time goes! looking forward to the easter break, the sun is out at the moment but its not meant to last! speak soon hugs Linda x

  3. And I love it Karen! Must get Jake to take a photo of me in it.

    Have a fantastic break, we'll miss you in blogland!