Sunday, 4 April 2010

Can you see the face ?

This is a tree stump on one of our lovely walks very close to the house. For a long time now I have been wanting to take a photo to show you all. If you imagine the head is like it laying on the grass looking diagonally upwards - it may take a while to spot it but once you do you will see his chin, mouth, nose, eyes etc. Pretty clever we thought.

And here is my Phillip pretending to strangle it......

He would have laid down and given it a body but it was too wet on the ground !

And finally my two boys together as Barney is can't resist being in on the act !

K x


  1. Now if that were Chaz, he'd of wee'd on it without hesitation! lol Definately see the face.

    J x

  2. I seen it right away!! Happy Easter Karen!

  3. I see it too, what an amazing picture!!
    Angela x

  4. What a great tree stump - definitely worth a scrapbook page! Jill x