Friday, 30 April 2010

It's Friday

Now Ladies, I start with apologies, sorry my blog postings have not been daily but I haven't had the time to do much crafting and I can't see me really get back into it for a little while. Secondly I am late yet again (or I will be tomorrow) for my scrapbook page - it will follow Monday. I have my idea and my subject which is a gorgeous picture of my much loved and adored nephew Stuart when he was about 16 months old. He's 12 now and I still adore him, puberty and all!

Today's cards were whipped up whilst watching the debate last night.... I know I should have been concentrating on the debate but that was second place to the card making, I just had one ear open to it if you get what I mean.

All stampin up materials. This is the first outing of these new stamps from the mini catalogue. Actually I have told you a little fib the buttons are not SU, or the mirri card... other than that I think it's all SU.

I turned the craft room upside down last night looking for the plastic sheet that goes with the stamp a ma jig - can't find it anywhere ! ! Has anyone seen it?

Happy weekend all K x


  1. Ooh its those vintage vogue stamps - must have a go with mine, haven't tried them out yet!! Have a nice weekend Karen. Jill x

  2. Beautiful Karen. Vintage Vogue is so easy to work with isn't it.

    If you need some spare plastic I have something suitable you can have.


  3. Beautiful cards Karen. I'm behind with this weeks challenge too - hoping to get it done on Tuesday!

    Perhaps your plastic sheet has gone to join the first one I had and have never found despite turning everything out! Ended up buying another one.