Thursday, 29 April 2010

a present from Steph

I had a wonderful surprise in the post this morning from Steph, over at Stamping and Sharing. Totally out of the blue she sent me a set of stamps with a little note. It said Hi karen, Hope you are well, Just a little something I brought back from Florida for you, love Steph xxx

How lovely is that and I tell you it meant so much to me, I was so touched - what a lovely thought - thank you Steph so much xxx
This is Steph all over, kind and thoughtful and so generous.
It has made my day
K xxx


  1. You lucky girl - but the gift while very generous from Steph is no doubt totally deserved as you are such a lovely person too!

  2. Linda (above) is absolutely right & you are so welcome my dear :) As for your kind words - ditto! Love Steph xxx