Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's Wednesday

I do like bank holidays but I do wish they were on a Friday - it always messes me up and I have a job to know what day of the week it is. I am reminding myself it's Wednesday today, even though it feels like Tuesday, although it's very nice that it's Wednesday.

So here's todays little offering. I am not quite sure how this card came about, I was using up some scraps and a bit of mirri card and some new beads that I bought in Golden Hands. I do love black and turquoise together. The number of beads and their placement are totally random and don't make any sense to anything but hey ho I was quite pleased with the finished result.

There isn't an awful lot of card making going on under my roof, I am trying to finish a rather heavy going cross stitch and until I get that done I don't think I will be doing much. It's finally starting to come together, it was split into six sections and I am now on the final section, although the most complicated. It's a Forever Friends one, called Time for Friends which includes a working clock in the middle but it is surrounded by a lovely but complicated picture - anyway, you will see it when it's done.... whenever that ends up being.

Have a great day all

K x

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  1. That turquoise and black is gorgeous, don't think I have ever done a card in those colours - must try it now! Hope the X stitch gets finished soon! Jill x