Monday, 7 June 2010

Scrapbook challenge 22

21 was a mini album that we didn't want to do. Number 22 was to repeat a word over and over on a page. We don't have this bike anymore but we went out on our bikes this weekend, we ride 600 Honda Hornets and did a 75 mile round trip, stopping at one of our favourite coffee places, the garden centre just outside of Warminster - they have the most gorgeous coffee shop, you can eat in, out under cover or out in the open, next to a lake with lots of fish and ducks. There home made cake is nearly (only nearly) as good as mine.

Haven't done any other crafting so might be a bit of a quiet blog week, still working on the cross stitch and we have done heaps of gardening.

k x


  1. Oooh lovely page Karen, that green really makes the page 'pop'! Jill x

  2. Great LO's Karen - me I'm still behind with the challenge - naughty me!