Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nothing to show....

Hello All

I haven't got anything to show you that I have created as I haven't created anything! I do have some cards coming up that I need to make so hopefully I will have something to show before long.

I have been quilting a Yorkshire Terrier kit that my good buddy Linda gave me as a gift a while go. You are supposed to make it into a cushion but I am in the process of making into a bag for holding my cross stitch. It isn't finished yet but when it is as long as I am happy with the result I will show you a photo.

We had a smashing weekend, doggy walking, motorbiking and then bike riding on Sunday (we did nearly 20 miles stopping for lunch at the Cranborne Garden Centre) I have never seen a place with so many signs telling you what you can't do. NO DOGS, NO CYCLES, CHILDREN MUST BE KEPT UNDER CONTROL, DO NOT CLIMB ON THE FENCE, NO SMOKING, ETC. I don't find it a particularly friendly garden centre but the coffee shop within it is very nice and they do lovely baguettes and cakes.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week

k x


  1. Hi Karen. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse today (hope that wasn't summer over and done with it!), its raining at the moment. Jill x

  2. Can't say that's my idea of a fun weekend - just reading about it has me exhausted LOL!!!! I use to love cross stitching but had to give it up when the kids came along - requires too much concentration, which is not possible with my 2 monsters! Look forward to seeing the completed bag, I'm sure it will be a masterpiece :) Enjoy your weekend Karen, Steph x p.s. it's going to be another nice weekend so get your walking shoes on!