Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mum & Pat's birthday today - here are the cards that we made.

Stuart's card for Mum

this one was made by Lou for our Mum

This one made by Lou for Auntie Pat

This one made by Mum for Pat.

This one made by Barney (clever dog) for his Nannie

This one made by me for my Mum

We had a get together on Saturday which was lovely and Lou, Andy and Stuart stayed for the weekend which was great fun.
Hope everyone is well
K x


  1. Goodness Karen you have been busy and what a clever dog you have!! Jill x

  2. Wow, these are awesome and agree with Jill, you have a very clever dog there and so creative :)

    I'm glad everyone had a nice birthday and hope all is well.