Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1st September ! !

With a distinct feeling of autumn but gloriously warm and sunny as the day wears on we welcome September, I always think this time of the year has the most amazing smells, you can smell mother nature at her best - the leaves, the wood fires, the earth - fabulous. We are in for an Indian Summer apparently which will be just brilliant and will make the horrible, miserable winter a bit more bearable when it finally arrives. For me it signals the desperate attempt to be outdoors as much as I can before the weather turns and I have to retreat indoors for the winter. I hate walking at night in the dark, although it does bring a bonus or two usually owls and badgers... so not much card making for a few weeks whilst I make the most of the evenings whilst they last. The card below I am ashamed to say took all of 10 minutes to make for my Dad's birthday - I didn't have much time and felt awful not making something really special but in my defence at least I did send a home made one. I used a tree for all seasons SU set, the patterned paper behind is flocked and has a lovely velvet feel.

The cobb at lyme Regis

Happy Wednesday every one.

K x


  1. Doesn't matter how long the card took to make its really nice! Pretty autumnal here as well! Jill x

  2. I agree with Jill - doesn't matter how long it took - it's a great card and am sure you're dad will love it. Please pass on the cooler weather - it is getting cooler in the evenings but is still hot during the day. Patrick wants me to pass on his hellos !!! ~~Hugs~~ Janet