Wednesday, 20 October 2010

In memory of Bertie Jeffreys

Hi All

A very dear and special friend of mine died last Friday evening. His name was Bertie Jeffreys and he was a true gentleman. There was a little joke between us that I was the girl who owed him lunch as he very kindly treated me to lunch at our last November reunion. Bertie was so gentle and sweet and so generous. I was hoping he would live long enough to attend this years reunion on the 24th of November (the 69th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Dunedin) so I could buy him lunch this year.

He was one of the survivors of the ship HMS Dunedin, the same ship where my Grandfather served, who sadly died before the HMS Dunedin Society was formed ( Our Society has many members (I run the administration side), sadly survivors are becoming few and far between, but we have lots of relatives who come along to pay their respects to their loved ones.

Heather and John are Bertie's dear friends who have looked after him for many years - they are lovely people too. I wanted to send them a poem I had written about Bertie and a card - here is my effort
love k x

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