Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A row of dogs... all finished

This is a Bothy Threads kit that I have been working on for a while, as you know I don't pick up my stitching every day. I could nearly get a dog done in an evening.

The original pattern had a black terrier called Hamish but I changed the colours to add Barney to the row as I felt I wanted him to be in there.

It was all whole stitches which was good and reasonably easy to follow.

I didn't really enjoy doing the writing that much as it was in between the holes and not that easy to do. All in all though a very enjoyable project. I am on to the next one now, another Bothy Threads kit which is a cross section of a camper - heaps of work and will take forever....

Happy hump day everyone, middle of the week again.

K x


  1. Well done Karen it looks fantastic. On to the next one which you've been itching to start.

  2. It's really cute! I like the change you done and barney loook really cute in the stitching!