Thursday, 6 January 2011

Knitted hat and rather humiliated doggy

Hi Girls

I have been knitting hats over Xmas, having been laid up not very well and going mad with boredom. I purchased the wool before Xmas, I have made the most gorgeous tweed one which I am really pleased with and this second one which I don't really like the wool but actually with the flower on it looked much better. I may get some more wool and make another, however I have just purchased wool to have a go at a cardigan so it will probably have to wait. I also would like to knit a tea cosy for a new tea pot we had for Xmas from my Mum with matching mugs - thanks Mumsie.

Here is Barney - who clearly is not very happy being made to look like a girl modeling the red hat.
I am also a third of the way through a rather tedious and challening jigsaw puzzle which you have to look at every single piece and find where it is on the picture. It's one of europe with loads of tiny pictures - will photograph it when done.

The camper van cut throu is coming on (cross stitch) but fancied a bit of something else, hence the knitting. I am still using the sewing machine too so hope to show you some other crafty projects as well as cards this year.
Have a good day all - a very rainy Thursday here.

K x


  1. Hee hee, poor Barney does not look a happy chappy at all - think you were fortunate he didn't rip it off and chew it up!!! Jill x

  2. Oh Karen, poor Barney! He does look pretty cheesed

  3. Poor Barney - the things we make our dogs wear!

    The hat looks fantastic though - can I put an order in for one?


  4. I love Barney!!!Very cute dog!!!