Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kaboodle Doodles - the never ending card !

Kaboodle Doodles Challenge this week is all to do with folding. I have never made an never ending card, so thought this would be a good thing to try. I went for a lovely bright orange and black to give a good contrast. You can't decorate your card until you have finished as some of the folds merge into others. It wasn't too fiddly to do and quite impressive when it's finished. I saw it being demonstrated on You Tube by a really talented lady by the name of Dawn.

You just keep turning it and it just keeps going....

I would make others now I have the hang of it.

Happy Thursday everyone

K x


  1. This is brilliant Karen - I've never made one of those before - perhaps we could have a go in March?

  2. Oh wow Karen, just like Linda I have never made one either, its so nice, thanks for playing at Kaboodle again. Jill x

  3. Great idea Karen!! It looks wonderful, I may have to give it a try!
    Thanks for playing at Kaboodle Doodles and good luck!

  4. Oh, someone gifted me one of these cards, and I'm continually amazed by it! Great job on the Kaboodle Doodles challenge, and I'm so happy you could join us!

    Lorie KDDT

  5. This is awesome Karen - what a great job you did on this.