Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Spa Day

What a wonderful day I had yesterday with Rachel at the Spa. We spent the day at the Christchurch Spa Hotel being looked after and pampered. Our day started with a swim in the pool, followed by the steam room, sauna and mineral salt room - the salt room is cooler rather than warmer and introduces salts and minerals to your body - very nice experience. We went for our first treatment at 12.00 a back, shoulder and neck massage - bliss followed by a lovely facial.

Lunch was next, two courses in the restaurant complete with smoothie over looking the sea. I had the chicken which was gorgeous and Rachel had the lamb. We both had the same dessert which was a chocolate parfait which was really rich and very yummy indeed.

Back to the spa for a mud wrap which was wonderful and both our favourites, it included a head massage which was very nice indeed. Finally a manicure so I am sat here typing with perfectly manicured nails, all polished and shiny.

We were both really tired last night, I think where we had been detoxed and were very relaxed, went to bed at 7.00 and didn't get up until 6.30 this morning ! ! Slept like a log.

It was a wonderful present from my darling hubby and we are already planning to save some pennies every month so we can go and do the same next year!

Would recommend it to anyone
K x


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourselves Karen, was thinking about you as I was running around doing stuff!! Jill x

  2. Hi! Such a nice day you had. Thanks for the inspiration, I would like to have one next month. Stay happy!