Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Having spent the last two weekends decorating (including Thursday and Friday evenings both weekends) and then a couple of Saturday's in January trimming back our hedges we decided to head out to the Purbecks on Sunday to have some outdoor time. Our little lad has been on very short walks too as he has a soft tissue injury which is finally on the mend, much physio and vets visits later (both the physio and the vet have been marvellous). The sun put in an appearance and it did us so much good.

This photo was taken at Durlston Country Park, it's the Tilly Whim caves bit of the coast path, the sea is breath taking here, crashing against the rocks.
Our little lad, clearly delighted to feel the grass under his feet and the sun on his back. He isn't supposed to do very much running at the moment, but he just had one little gallop back to us before acting a bit more sedately.

The view from the other side of Durlston looking back towards Swanage.

A Plover at Studland where we went first to walk on the beach and have a bacon, mushroom and cheese baguette.
Spring is on it's way ! !

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  1. What beautiful pictures Karen and I know I would spend my time there often - it's gorgeous. Glad to hear Barney is doing better.