Monday, 19 September 2011

The lighthouse at Dungeness

The old lighthouse - you can take a tour of this one and we did!
I have a thing about lighthouses and we are currently on a mission to visit and tick off as many as we can.  Dungeness has to be the one located in the most hideous location in the Uk.  It is right next to a nuclear power station (two in fact, one that is being decommissioned).  The area is the largest shingle beach in the world and is a unique environment with insects etc that are protected but it is also extremely strange.... with it's power station and national grid running from it.
Looking back at the lighthouse
The new lighthouse - you can't tour this one.

There are people living at Dungeness in wooden houses that don't have defined gardens, and it's just pebbles for the lawn.  We took the narrow gauge railway all the way to Hythe which was quite a nice place but the train ride mainly goes in between people's back gardens (one you get off Dungeness) which is made up of fences and walls and very boring.  The majority of the hour and ten minute ride was like this..... and then we had to come back again.

Despite this we did enjoy our weekend, Friday was warm and sunny and the site was clean and tidy.  It was nice meet other camper van owners and a bonus we visited my sister on the way back.

On the way up we visited Virginia Water which is really pretty and we enjoyed it very much.  


  1. Great pictures Karen! Looks as if there was some good weather there more than it is today, damp and drizzly! Jill x

  2. What a strange back drop for a lighthouse. Shame the train ride wasn't so nice, but Virginia Water looks really nice.