Thursday, 22 December 2011

If I have to make one more Christmas card I am going to cry..............

 So today, I smiled to myself thinking surely no more cards will arrive from people that I haven't sent to.... it's far too close to Xmas - WRONG !  When we arrived home today five people in our village had hand posted cards through the door.  Guess who has just been making cards to post back through their letter boxes tomorrow.  Half of me was tempted not to bother - we have given a nice donation to an animal charity and also one to the PDCCF so would they notice if we didn't actually send a card?  We live in a very small village and I mean small so the chances are they would.  So tonight I get busy and make some cards. 

The first two are inspired by the most amazing Christmas card received this year - the award for the second year running goes to Linda Harris - it's beautiful and I will post it up tomorrow for you to admire and sigh over.  I can only hope to make things half as good as Linda - her card from last year has made a second appearance this year it was so beautiful. Her card this year is just gorgeous.... It's a stampin up set and some patterned paper that the lovely Steph Wincott sent me a while ago (thank you Steph). 

The next one is a bit more fun, for a lovely couple in the village who have a really cute but quite elderly Yorkie who adores Barney and he adores Foxy.
 The next two are also stampin up stamps, I versa marked the base card and have mounted the stamped card.
So I am hoping that no more cards will arrive and quite honestly I don't care a jot if I never make another, that kind of rules out my declaration that I will be making my cards in plenty of time next year, starting in January.....

K x


  1. Thank you for your award dear friend and I am so glad it inspired you to make your own gorgeous creations. Fingers crossed no more cards come through your door unexpectedly.

    I'm hoping to take part in one of the Christmas card challenges that go on throughout the year and make at least one card a week so that there isn't a mad rush at the end - perhaps you should join me!

    Hugs x

  2. Karen - these are adorable and love every one of them. I do agree, Linda, is amazing and I always look forward to visiting her blog. I hope no more cards come your way, but you did something that I haven't done yet and that is you actually got them out the door :) I have made them but they are still in my outbox. Jim has told me - there's always next year.

    I think I may join Linda and you if you do it, in the make one Christmas card per month challenge, but then, I am already a little bit ahead on that :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family - have a great time !!!