Thursday, 29 December 2011

Moving house...

 My lovely sister, her hubby and my nephew and not forgetting the cat (Pancake) are moving into a new home.  I am not sure why I made two cards but I did so will give her both.  The first is using the truck from SU which is such a lovely set, not sure if you can still get it, I have had it years..... there are lots of different stamps to use for the contents of the truck, so in this case I used furniture, but there are some really cute little dogs too.
The second card is using a tree for all seasons, it has a tiny bird house which I thought would be apt for a new home.  I used some SU ribbon and some little stars I bought in Hobby craft. 

I am sorry for the rubbish photos, the light is not good at this time of the year.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

(I may be back before New Year I am not sure).

K x


  1. Oh these are fabulous.

  2. You can save the 2nd one for me & when I move (be prepared to hold onto it for a long while lol) - they are fabulous Karen, as was the Xmas card you sent, thank you! Hope you had a great Christmas & Best Wishes for 2012 :) xxx

  3. Hi Karen, hope you had a good Christmas! Quite here but so well needed. Thank you for your beautiful Christmas card and Happy New Year to you all!

    Great cards you've made for Lou. That stamp set is a real winner.

    Love & hugs,


  4. I love this card and the colours. I have become your newest follower.
    Happy new year
    x catherine