Friday, 20 January 2012

The cut thru camper cross stitch......

 So it's washed and pressed but will need a repress tomorrow... the project that has taken me about 14 months.  Obviously I have done other things in between like work full time, and craft etc but it really was a long project.
 In order to appreciate the detail in this wonderful Bothy Threads kit I have done some close up pictures for you.  The kits are great and there are lots of cut thru's as well as other projects small and large.  I enjoyed the camper very much but found the beach section a bit tedious which was the last section to do.  Luckily I do my back stitch as I go so I'm never left with it at the end. 
 There is so much detail in the camper you can look at it and spot something new everytime you look at it.
I am going to get it framed and hung on the wall along with the other two projects that are finished but not framed yet.....

Next knitting/sewing project my goddoggy Max's winter jumper (Linda's darling puppy dog)

K xxx


  1. This is fantastic and looks like alot of concentration needed. Well done and will look lovely when it is framed
    x catherine

  2. Bloomin' heck Karen, this is simply marvellous (ooh look, you've made me go all posh lol) What a labour of love, will look fab on the wall! I'd love to learn to knit - my darling godmother (Eveylyn who lives in Cumbria) has just knitted her 200th baby blanket (& I'm lucky enough to own 2 of them) & I am in awe of her talent (& huge heart) xxx

  3. holy moly what a great project! hours and hours of love and care into that, and it shows!!! :) :) :)

  4. I must agree with Lauren on this - holy moly what a great project. AWESOME work !!!

  5. What a fabulous job you've done Karen and it certainly deserves to be framed.