Thursday, 12 January 2012

Spa Day

Rachel and I went for our annual spa day yesterday, I say that it's annual, we went last year and we are going again next year so it is annual really.  This year we went on Rachel's actual birthday, had a day at the spa then joined my hubby for a meal at our favourite Chinese.  So Rach and I turn up at 9.00, they have a gym there but that was not on our wish list... no fear, we are there for pamper not punishment LOL.  Our spa choice this year was the Dudsbury at Ferndown, a new spa and hotel with golf course.

We get in the pool but it feels a bit cold for our liking, so did three lengths (not very long ones) and went in the jacuzzi and cooked for about 40 minutes.  There is a swim jet in the pool if you want to swim properly so to speak but we didn't try it.  Next we went off to the sauna which was nice, the steam was out of order so we had a shower to cool off and headed back to the pool, put our toes in and thought it too cold, so laid on loungers with a coffee until our first treatment at 11.00 (lazy or what).

Our first treatment was 2 hours of hot stone massage including head and scalp(not using hot stones).  It was bliss and very nice indeed, you get scrubbed and buffed as well as the massage.  Lunch was at 1.00 I had melon followed by jacket potato, Rachel had prawn cocktail and jacket spud.  2.30 we went our separate ways, I had a hip and thigh treatment - cellulite buster.... that was a shock, they used iced water mitts which is really cold and then pound the crap out of your legs ! ! !   I followed this immediately with a relaxing facial and neck and shoulder massage, headed off to shower and finished with a manicure....

Our beauticians were lovely and we had the same one all day, it was very quiet everywhere and a lovely atmosphere. Would recommend it to anyone. Rach and I have a standing order for £20 a month and use whatever money we want for our day.  My day was slightly more than Rachel's as lucky girl as no cellulite.... We thought it was excellent value for money and it's definately on our go back to list.

K x

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  1. Apart from the pounding of the legs it sounds like bliss - just what you needed a day to relax and be pampered.