Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jingle Belles - Stuck on you

The lovely ladies over at Jingle Belles have set us a challenge this week to use stickers on our Christmas project.  I was given this pack by my sister sometime ago and I was loathe to open it as I knew what the outcome would be glitter all over me, the desk, the office and the dog ! (don't ask)

So using only stickers (bit of Clean and Simple going on here) and some lovely red SU card, I set about making these four sparkly little numbers.....  Luckily for me they had peel off sticky backs...

 Every single letter and object are covered in glitter and you can probably see a bit of stray glitter here and there... which I will of course try and remove before December.
Four seemed the perfect number to work on, so I did.



  1. Well done on opening that pack of stickers - these look great.x

  2. once you're glittery, you might as well use as many as you can ... and you rocked the glittery holiday card set ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. my husband has similar feelings about glitter... actually his are generally punctuated with a few stronger words, lol! but when you can get ♥FOUR♥ fabulously fun and festive and totally SPARKLY cards from *one* package of awesome glitter stickers, how can that EVER be a bad thing, eh??! (plus dogs look GREAT with a bit of glitter, imo!!!) :) :) :)