Wednesday, 1 February 2012

thinking of you

 We had some terribly sad news yesterday, a lovely gentleman, and I mean lovely from our village had sadly died after a massive stroke.  He was one of life's amazing people, who did so much for our community and was so active, despite being well into his 80's.  I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him or indeed known him to be anything other than charming and kind and wonderful.  I wanted to make his dear wife Jackie a card, but couldn't quite decide what to make, I don't have an actual sympathy set and I wasn't sure if the first card was suitable or not really... I am still deciding.
Richard will be very sadly missed - some people go through life not making any impact on others - some people make a huge impact - he was one of those people......

K xx

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  1. Sorry to hear your news Karen, I am sure either card would be well received as they are both so nice.

    Love the new look blog by the way. Jill x