Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cards.... Last night I had 6 cards to make......

First of all a quick card for Brandon to send today for him.... I haven't heard from Ruth yet I hope she is doing ok.  This card was pretty quick and hopefully it will bring a smile to his face.
 The second is for Ruth, she has always had hope and has never given up with her fight and I hope now that they have done the operation she will be cancer free and can start to live again... fingers crossed.
 The third is one of the Mother's Day cards I made, I usually send a card to each of my Grandmothers and Step Mum as well as my own Mum and my MIL.  I tied some beads on to some bakers twine for my tag - I like the effect.
 and finally my little lad in his bed on the office window cill at work, don't worry the window cill is a good 3ft wide and he likes to lay and look out of the window.  I couldn't resist taking this shot of him

Happy Hump Day all - back tomorrow with some more.  Hoping to get back to my quilting course over the next few days.


PS I had a bit of a smile to myself, there is a "what's on your workspace Wednesday"  mine never changes because when I am not working on it it's clear of stuff, everything has a place in a cupboard out of sight (mind you we do own a joinery company so I should be able to have gorgeous purpose made cupboards and desk space).  I get in a right pickle if there is mess and walking away without putting everything away again is impossible... (I know it's bonkers isn't it)


  1. You have been busy with the card making.

    Hoping good news will soon be heard about Ruth and I am sure the cards will put smiles on their faces.

    You made me laugh about WOYWW!

  2. I like this kind of cards special for the mother day card.It look so wonderful.This kind of cards are make face smiley.