Monday, 19 March 2012

Crafty block of the month....

Hi All, As you will be aware from previous postings I am following the Craftsy block of the month - by Amy Gibson (love her, so cool, so nice, brilliant classes).  You work on two blocks a month and since I started only about 3 weeks ago I have completed Jan, Feb and nearly finished my last March one.  This first one is the windswept start.  It's made with half square triangles which we used a technique called magic triangles for... I am not very happy with this block and will be repeating it when I have finished my last March block - it's all to do with a scant 1/4" seam which is harder than you think, it's needs to be consistently the same otherwise you get the misalignment that I have got.  I can't line it up against the edge of my foot on my machine as this makes the seam too big and the block over all too small, so it's practice and more practice...
The second one is the chevron which is even worse (this was made using the traditional half square triangle method).  I will definately be repeating this one !  Could not bear to put it on my quilt.
The final one is I am really chuffed with, I could make these all day, this is foundation piecing and is a real load of fun and so nice to do and not so worrying as the other two.  I am just doing a broken spider web which is half way which I will show when it's finished. 

I hope everyone enjoyed Mummy's day and have a good week.

K x


  1. They are looking good Karen! Jill x

  2. Well, Karen - I love them all. Looks like you are having fun and can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Considering you've never done these types of blocks before I think you are doing a fantastic job. x