Monday, 26 March 2012

Cushions coming out of our ears.....

Despite getting my skirt material for the next project on Saturday my confidence will not allow me to start it (I know bonkers isn't it - I will have to take the plunge sometime but want to be fresh and have plenty of time when I do).  Instead of starting the tutorial I decided to make some more cushions, I made another 18 x 18 which you can see on the bottom picture which matches the first one I did and then 2 rectangular ones in - these have black backs which looks really posh (the material just has a little tiny bit of pattern). 
 I managed to work out my material sizes and do the same envelope back and also the French seams, so I think I can pretty much put a tick next to the can make cushions with envelope backs and french seams box.
My old cushions are the two in the middle which are yet to be made into new ones but they will be.  The two chairs have two cushions each in them so have another 6 to get through.  I am really pleased with the course and the cushions and can't wait to try the skirt out - gulp !

Hope you all had a great weekend, nice the clocks have changed, although did not like getting up this morning and gorgeous weather.  We went down to Weymouth on Saturday and visited Sew & So's the material shop (lovely helpful young lady in there).  We took the camper and had sausages in rolls for our breakie as we left early at Nothe Fort Gardens.  After we had finished in Weymouth we went over to Portland Bill to photograph the lighthouses (I just love em) and to tick them off the lighthouse list as seen, had a little wander although there was a sea mist in and a wind.  Had a cup of tea in the van and headed to Poundbury at Dorchester.  It's Prince Charles' development and it's fabulous, the houses are mixed in with the businesses and it's got such a lovely feel.  We parked in the main square and walked to Paulines Patchwork, another fabulous shop for patchwork and materials then to the Octagan for a sit in the sun with a cup of tea and bit of cake before heading back to the van and home.   I washed all my materials that I had purchased ready for use and whipped up a cushion.

Sunday we had a walk the hound, then a bike ride (with the dog in the doggy basket on the front of the bike (we are breaking him into this gently so did 7.5 miles with him, I wouldn't say he was completely relaxed but he wasn't going mad, we did break half way for him to have a little walk and a sniff).  Back home, bar-b-que lunch - I know crazy in March...... planted my potatoes out and then indoors to whip up another couple of cushions.  Another little walk with the dog before getting some wool out to start knitting a doggy jumper.  I have decided it's ok to have more than one thing on the go and I do like to knit a little something.

I haven't done any card making at all.... will get back into sometime.

K x

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  1. Wow, Karen - wonderful cushions. Bring on the skirt :) It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and so relaxing !! It's great to have such wonderful weather, isn't it :) The important thing is to do what you like !! Can't wait to see what you show us next !!