Sunday, 18 March 2012

For my lovely Mum and my MIL

As far as I am concerned I only have one Mum, who is the best in the world and I love her to bits.  My Mum will do anything if I ask her, as long as she is able to do it and if she can't she would still give it a good go - I think this is where I get my values from. I believe if you can show kindness and do a bit of good, do your very best, work hard and be the best person you can then you can't do much more.   If I could change one thing with the relationship I have with my Mum it would be to have more hugs and be able to say "I love you", we say it on e mails a lot but in real life she tends to push people away a little bit, especially when she really needs a hug, it's hard to get past her little barrier that she has up.  She likes to think she's tough but she isn't really.  My Mum still works part time and has a responsible job and in her spare time does a lot of bike riding - she's only 5ft 1 and about 7 stone soaking wet but rides that bike here, there and everywhere. I have changed the I to WE on both cards as they are from Phillip and the dog as well.  Although the dog is sending his own card....

 MIL likes blue so her colours got changed and the way I placed the patterned paper is different too.
To all Mummy's out there and for the Mummy's that are with us no longer - it's your Day, I hope someone is spoiling you or thinking of you and you are made to be appreciated for being a Mum.

K x


  1. Beautiful cards Karen and lovely words about your mum - I hope both mums have enjoyed 'their' day. x

  2. these are beautiful Karen and thank you so much for sharing your mum with us a little bit.