Thursday, 22 March 2012

French seam envelope cushion

I am loving my sewing course over at craftsy, the course is teaching foundation stitching so you can achieve any type of project.  This gorgeous (it's beautiful in real life) cushion taught me how to cut out fabric to a size and in which direction, pining, hemming including French seams (which are the really tidy, really neat seams) and how to finish a project to make it look great.  I am really, really pleased with this, Diana is a good teacher.  What's great is that I can look and re look and pause and look again at the lesson and it's so much better being able to see someone doing it rather than from a book.

 I intend to make new cushion covers for all of my cushions in my lounge so expect to see a lot more of these babies.  The next project is making a skirt...

Trouble with all this sewing is when I go to bed all I do is dream about it, in my sleep I have made at least a dozen cushions and goodness knows how many quilt squares.

K x


  1. It certainly seems as if it's become a bit addictive for you but the important thing is you are getting so much enjoyment from it. You are producing so many lovely projects - it's great to see them. x

  2. Oh, I just joined Craftsy and have to look more into it to see what kind of trouble I can get into over there :) This is just gorgeous - I love the fabric - so very colorful. Keep those dreams coming.