Friday, 16 March 2012

News about Steph

A little while ago I showed you a card that the lovely Steph had sent me to thank me for something and I said I couldn't tell you what it was for... well now I can... the secret is out.  I nominated Steph for Blog of the Month in Craft Stamper.  They were delighted to have Steph nominated and not only are they going to feature her but after seeing her lovely work they have asked her to join their design team.  I am thrilled to say that after a bit of ooming and arrhing Steph said YES. 

I am so proud of her, her work is stunning and quite honestly she will do us all proud in the mag. I  believe she is going to be featured in May's blog of the Month, not sure when she officially starts designing.

Well done Steph xxxx

k  xxxx

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  1. congratulations to Steph (will have to visit her blog) - you are such a wonderful friend and I know she thanks you for nominating her.