Sunday, 11 March 2012

News of Ruth and Balkan Star Quilt square no. 3

Firstly Ladies, Ruth was so touched by the cards sent to her recently - her and Brandon were really cheered by them.  I need you to keep Ruth in your thoughts and prayers as tomorrow Monday 12th is her operation.... Fingers crossed all will be well for her.  I will keep you posted, meanwhile if you would like to send a card please see my side bar.

I am also pleased to be showing quilt square no. 3 which is the Balkan Puzzle or also known as the windswept star.  This was a tricky one - the trick being that the quarter inch seam really needs to be a scant one - over do it and your square comes out small... (guess who had to make two).  I am really enjoying Amy Gibson's Block of the Month over at Craftsy - it's free and you can join any time.

On another note.... does anyone need or want to buy a tote on wheels it's the papermania purple one, hardly been used and cluttering up my cupboards.  Local to Wimborne, Dorset, as pick up only - but has all inserts etc etc.  It's going on e bay so give me a shout.

I am also selling again, almost brand new a pair of tri skates - ladies size 8 with spare set of wheels - bit of an impulse purchase.

Have a great week everyone.  I spent some of today sorting out my office come craft/sewing room and will be putting a few other bits up for sale - it feels good to have a bit of a spring clean and a sort out.

K x

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  1. Here's hoping and praying that all goes well for Ruth today. x

    Well done on getting your 3rd block completed - it's looking good.