Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quilt piece number 2 - wonky pound sign (I think a hash is what the American's use for an English pound sign)

Again we had to use our base material, we cut a 12.5" square (I say we, I mean Amy (the tutor on line) and I) and then 4 1.5" strips of patterned material.  You then cut a wonky line and sewed in one strip, then another, then rotated it and did the same on the other edge.  Lining them back up was not the easiest job in the world and mine are not completely lined up on both edges but I don't think you can line them up completely....

That's 2 done and 4 more to go before the 1st of April then I will be right up to date.  There will be two new ones for April and then 2 new ones every month until we have made 20 in all.  I am really hooked and really enjoying have the sewing machine out.

On another note, we have just made this rather lovely clock, adapted from an old fashioned clock we had at home.  I wanted something a bit more modern... the original surround was brass so got that sprayed a pewter colour and then used an oak block which we also had laquered.... what do you think?  Do you think there might be a market for them?


  1. Hi Karen. Up to my eyes in quilting at the moment!! Just bought a new sewing machine to replace my 41year old one! Jill x

  2. You're racing away now Karen - you'll be eagerly awaiting the 1st April as I'm sure you'll have caught up easily by then.x