Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Barneys jumper

 I am not sure if you will remember but I knit a doggy jumper for my good friend Lindas little dog Max a while ago.  My own boy has been diagnosed with a bit of arthritis in his right shoulder and he is supposed to be kept warm.  I knit him this jumper to assist - not sure he was too keen to be photographed, he is holding his much loved pig in his mouth. 
I don't like knitting with a circular needle which is what you use around the back end to get the shape but I managed (under protest).  With my sewing skills coming on nicely don't be surprised to see a superman outfit, a pair of cute shorts and top and some pyjamas being modelled over the coming months (ha ha)

We are off this week, although we have had the phones transferred to home and I have had to take a few calls and have typed a quote today, but am managing to do some of the things that are on my mental list.

K x

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  1. Flippin 'eck Karen, you have been a busy bee. Love Barney's new jumper and Lou's sun top! You clever girl you. xxx