Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hello !

Hi All

I haven't anything to show but that's not because I haven't been busy.  The weather has been fabulous so have been spending a bit of time outdoors, however I have also been in my craft room.

My armchair project has been a jumper for my dear old hound, who sadly has arthritis in his shoulder and we need to keep him warm - he looks as cute as a button in it, will take a photo sometime.

My craft room is full to the brim with material and skirt patterns.  I have cut one skirt pattern out, just want to do the one that goes with the course I am taking before I start sewing - my skirt is a long summer one, the course skirt is a pencil skirt.    Again will show some photos when I am further on.

Block of the month is out and we are doing english paper piecing.  This involves hand sewing hexagons (our tutor is American and says hexagon in such a cute way).  I cut out my paper pieces last night and have started to sew my little hexagons, I didn't think I would enjoy it but surprisingly I am, and it's nice to do something where I am not locked in the craft room.   There are two squares (as usual to do).  This course is fabulous and I love Amy Gibson - she is just so friendly and nice and sweet (that's our tutor) AND this course is free, you can pick it up any time.  Amy's blog is stitchery Dickory Dock (on my side bar). 

The sewing course is also super and Diana Rupp is lovely too - so easy to understand and it's opened up a whole new world.

Right must fly, still sending Jen her weekly card but it's from my stash that I have already prepared and you will have all seen before.

k x

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