Sunday, 29 April 2012

Moving home

My nan is going into sheltered accommodation on Tuesday.  It's a flat within a complex where you have a warden on site so she still has her independence but the reassurance of someone on hand if she does fall and more importantly it's on the flat and there is a lift up to her first floor flat.

She is 90 years old, partially blind,partially disabled due to a bad hip fall and one leg is now a lot shorter than the other and COPD (a bad chest to you and me).She had cancer when she was 80 and is the most dogmatic woman you could ever meet. I think this is what keeps her going.  She can be a real pain in the backside if I am honest BUT she has this incredible will of steel and without it I am sure she would have died by now. 

This is the card I made for her.  It's SU card and paper, an SU sentiment and SU stamps.  I didn't want to put new home, although it is her new home as I think it will hit her a little hard, at the moment she is quite positive about it but it is a little step towards admitting she needs help now.


  1. Good luck to your Nan, bless her! Jill x

  2. Wonderful, beautiful card.