Sunday, 29 April 2012

The pencil skirt ......

I have been following the Diana Rupp Sewing Course over at Craftsy, you may recall I made several french seamed envelope cushions (four - not really several).  The second part of the course was making a naughty secretary skirt.

It isn't quite finished  - I have the split to finish and the lining to slip stitch to the concealed zip but it's just about there so thought I would show it.  Photo does not do the pretty fabric justice. 

So on the course we learnt how to make the envelope cushion and very gorgeous French seams.  We learnt how to read a pattern, cut out the material, mark and make the darts, make a whole toile and how to custom fit, sew a concealed zip, add a bias waistband, fit the lining, hem the lining and hem the skirt, finish the skirt.

Would I do another.... Yes I think so, steep learning curve and loads of frustration but I have learnt loads so it was a good experience on the whole, though at times I felt like quitting as I had done something really silly, which I eventually with the help of Diana worked out what it was.  I then had to work out how to put it right - which I did.  (my good friends will know that I never give up but I was very close to it at times and even told Diana I was calling it a day).   She was super and so supportive - it was more not being able to work out what I had done as I knew that until I could sort it in my head there was no way I would go forward with the course.

It should be easier for the next one as I now have perfect size pattern to use which is stuck on to card so you just trace round it for future ones and now I sort of know what I am doing (ha).

Going to try something a little less taxing for the next project.

K x

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  1. Love the fabric you have chosen for your skirt and it looks brilliant - great first attempt. You'll have to get Phillip to take a photo of you in it when it's completely finished.