Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sun frock for my sister

Whilst waiting for my tutor Diana to give me the green light for my toile (mock up skirt) I decided to crack on with my sister's sun dress.  Whilst perusing drooling over fabric in the fabric shop in Salisbury she spied this lovely material which she dragged me over to (I was busy caressing the cottons) and said could I make it into a dress for her to go over her cossie when she is on holiday in hot turkey (in a few weeks time) and then Portugal for a fortnight in the summer. Sure says I in a confident manner whilst screaming internally how do I sew something that is ruched...

So after a bit of head scratching, web surfing and looking in Diana's book I decided I was ready to go.  I am really pleased with the result and I have the most beautiful level hem (I pressed it at an inch then folded it back to half way then folded it up again (no horrible visible edges).  The ruching isn't the easiest in the world to handle but plenty of pins keeps it under control.

K x

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