Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cut Thru Lighthouse - weekly update & a peek into my craft cupboards

Not much progress this week, but progress is progress.  There is some white above the tan part but If I am honest it has not grown much this week.  I am limited on how much I can do at anyone time - strict instructions from the Physio because of my bulging disc, I do now have the majority of my feeling back in my hands again and the pain is a lot less generally so progress is being made.

Whilst posting today I thought I would show you the inside of my crafting cupboards.

 This side is all of my card making stuff, the bottom is all the stamps, mainly Stampin Up and Lili of the valley with a few odd ones.  The second shelf is my embellishments, punches at the back, buttons, brads, sparkly bits, the tool box has all the glitters, distress ink, pens etc in.  The next shelf is boxs of brads, the crop-o-dile, box of flowers, next two boxes ribbons, next one ink and next one stampin rollers.  The top shelf the yellow box holds my stickers (although don't really use them these days) spare tape and cards I am keeping.
 The cupboards below house my sewing stuff on the right and spare bits and bobs on the left.
My papers and card stock, cricut cartridges and the bottom shelf some of my music books for piano and sax.  (not as tidy as it should be)

K x

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  1. Every stitch is another step nearer to completion and it's looking like a fun picture.