Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I am always so touched by other peoples kindness

I don't usually give much away on my blog in terms of personal stuff, mainly because I am paranoid about being cloned or sued or something LOL, I must just tell you of two very wonderful gestures that have really touched me.

My dear and very special friend Jenny whom I love to bits brought me in some beautiful flowers and a special cake on Friday - not for any particular reason other than she was thinking of me, which I know she does all the time - we are very very close and our friendship is incredibly special.  I adore Jen, she is a true friend and just so brave, amazing and so quick so find the good in even the most horrible of things.  The sad thing was that both Phillip and I were talking to customers on the phone and I had a fleeting hug to say thanks and she was off - icecream in the car apparently.  I really appreciated the flowers so much and the cake x x

Today my blogging friend (as we have never been fortunate enough to meet up - hopefully we will one day) Stephanie sent me some flowers too - they are a gorgeous bunch in a lovely spotted green and white hessian bag.  The little card is wishing me well which was obviously prompted by my posting about my bulging disc in my neck... I was so touched by this lovely gesture and I thought how very lucky I am.   Thank you so much Steph xx

I am truly blessed surrounded by wonderful family and friends and for every bad thing that happens in this world, I try and remind myself that there are good people too, kind, thoughtful, decent human beings - all we have to do is work out how to make the bad people into good ones again. 

Thank you Jen and Steph - I really was so touched.

K xxxx

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  1. You & Jenny are so very lucky to have each other - that kind of friendship is priceless!!!! I'm going to let you into a little secret Karen....I'm not actually that kind or thoughtful - it's just that you bring it out in me :) xxx