Wednesday, 16 May 2012

So proud of Jenny x x

For those of you that follow my blog regularly you will know that every Tuesday I send my wonderful friend Jenny a card ready for her for Wednesday.  The card is just a little way of offering her support through a very difficult and long journey she is currently taking.

Well today is half way for Jen which is a major achievement (the whole thing is 48 weeks long).  She has been really ill for most of this time and quite honestly I do not know how she stays so upbeat and positive.  She has faced every problem with good grace and dignity and never moans or complains.   For Jen it just has to happen and she has to get on with it - lesser people would have given up or be screaming from the roof top by now, but not my Jen, she has the courage of a lion and my heart bursts with pride when I see what she copes with.

So my card today I wanted to celebrate - half way is just brilliant and now she is on the way down so to speak and every week she completes now is closer to finishing. 

It makes me feel incredibly humble.

K xxx

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  1. A truly fantastic card to mark a half way point for Jen. Wishing Jen well as she continues with her treatment and big hugs to you for all the support you are giving. x