Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thank you

I Stole this design from my great and super talented friend Stephanie. You can find her at She is so super talented she was featured in craft stamper last month AND she now designs for them. GO Steph. 

I love the clean images and super slick cards that Steph produces. I hope she doesn't mind me robbing her designs. I have to say her cards are much better than mine.

Sorry about rubbish image taken with iPad (not putting the ipad down as I LOVE it, I haven't put my lap top on since I bought it a couple of months ago.  I watch all my sewing tutorials on it, answer my emails and I can blog post (but fairly limited to what you can do).

I hope everyone is well today - it's wet and horrible here (for a change NOT). 

K x


  1. Love your clean and simple cards, lovely colour combo too.

  2. These are so lovely Karen - I'm thrilled my cards inspired you to make these & that you used that cute little flower stamp :) You really are far too complimentary about me, I don't deserve half your praise but thank you xxx