Monday, 4 June 2012

My first quilt is finished!

It has taken a long time to complete as I don't have hours and hours of free time and it's not perfect BUT I am really proud of my efforts and have learnt loads.

My very first quilt is for my darling doggy Barney who I know will love it too.

I used my machine to sew the squares which I cut myself (no pre cuts here) then the borders before sandwiching using curved pins and basting stitches then made my own edge binding. Like I said not perfect but I personally loved every minute x x
The Front
The rear.


  1. It's brilliant Karen and you deserve to be very proud of it. Barney will get great comfort from it too. x

  2. Well done Karen, it's very pretty! Oooh, I love my cats but they are not having any of mine to sit on!! Jill x

  3. This is absolutely lovely hun - gorgeous colours. Hugs, Claire x